Originally from Poland, Daniela moved to Scotland seven years ago and initially started in a care support role because she wanted a job while she studied. Through her job, she’s discovered a passion for helping others and is loving the rapid career progression this role has offered her so far.

“I was in my final year studying for a Master of Arts at the University of St. Andrews when I realised that I wanted a different job as I came to finishing my studies. I initially started as a Care Assistant and shadowed a colleague, learning the ropes and picking up the skills required as I went.

“I soon realised it was what I wanted to do and decided to go full time. In a short space of time since then, I’ve been promoted to a Learning and Development Manager, where I am responsible for large sections of the care that we provide.

“There is something so special about the role. I’ve had so many opportunities and experienced rapid progression despite the pandemic. Every day I look forward to my work and there’s no two days the same. Going into the job when I first decided to take up a role in adult social care, I was nervous because I had limited knowledge of what a job in the field involved. However, it’s turned out to be incredibly rewarding, I’ve always been a very open, caring person and I love being able to help other people every day.

“Seeing the gratitude they have and the smiles they give you just because you’re there is amazing. It can be tough at times but the benefits far outweigh any negatives. Just a quick visit and a chat with someone can make such a difference to their whole day.”

Daniela’s advice to people looking to apply for an adult social care position:

“I’ve always been a really proactive person and I think that helps with this role. Make sure you come to caring with an open mind and keep that with you as you progress in your career. The role allows you to develop both professionally and personally at the pace you want, with a host of training opportunities on offer.

“While I felt stuck at times for ideas as to where to go next in my career due to little knowledge available about progression routes the industry offers, simple conversations with other people in the industry helped identify a range of further opportunities. It’s been an incredibly rewarding journey and each day provides a chance to find new stories from people around you that help you expand the ways through which you see the world.”